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Tuning Services

Remote Tuning

EFI Tuning LLC remote tuning services offer an excellent alternative to standard dyno tuning. Unlike a typical dyno tuning session, where most effort is focused on WOT performance only, a remote tuning approach optimizes for real world conditions across both part throttle and WOT operating points.

* The remote tuning process requires the end user to have HP Tuners VCM Suite (Standard or Professional) to capture scan tool data and reflash the ECM with calibration files supplied by EFI Tuning LLC. A wideband sensor may also be beneficial for certain vehicle configurations. We do not limit the number of iterations we will supply for a given vehicle configuration. An additional fee will only be charged if the vehicle configuration for which we originally tuned is altered.


Dyno Tuning

Our dyno tuning service is an excellent solution for maximizing WOT torque/horsepower output for more heavily modified vehicles (forced induction, heads, cam, nitrous). Please contact us for pricing.


Full Custom Dyno Tuning

When your goal is to maximize WOT torque/horsepower output, while also optimizing part throttle characteristics, EFI Tuning LLC offers full custom dyno tuning services. This is our most comprehensive tuning solution available. Please contact us for pricing.


HP Tuners VCM Suite Channel Configuration Files

* It is our policy to not lock supplied calibration files.