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Remote Tuning

Posted by Tim Sloper on

Why might you consider a remote tuning option?

Many end users desire to optimize the performance/characteristics of their vehicle but may not be comfortable making the changes themselves. Tuning can certainly be a DIY endeavor, but the learning curve can be steep. Even with the best of intent, the end user may not have the experience or toolset to achieve optimum results.

Pre-canned tune solutions do offer value but they also come with significant limitations that can lead to less than optimum results for your specific vehicle requirements. Calibration changes are limited to a specific pre-chosen subset of parameters that may not cover all of your needs.

Remote tuning solutions provide the end user with the same ability to flash the tune themselves but also brings the ability to have the tune customized to the requirements of his/her vehicle and operating conditions.

Why HP Tuners for remote tuning?

HP Tuners offers comprehensive tuning and scanning capabilities for the GM platforms. It is the combination of both capabilities that enables the ability to optimize the tune for your vehicle. If the data logs show a parameter that needs to be modified the data logs can be sent and the modified tune can be returned for the end user to flash into their vehicle.

When is remote tuning appropriate?

For bolt-on combinations remote tuning is an excellent approach to optimizing the performance of your vehicle. These modifications typically do not cause a significant deviation from the factory calibration.

- cold air intake (including MAF calibration)
- exhaust
- intake manifold
- higher octane fuel (93/race fuel)
- Flex Fuel enablement and optimization (E85)
- DTC changes (check engine light codes)
- shift points
- tire height

When should you consider a full dyno tune?

Not all combinations are suitable for remote tuning services (at least initially). Power adders (FI, N20) and heads/cam will require a more thorough tuning methodology to optimize results but more importantly ensure that the tune is 100% safe. This will necessitate the use of a chassis dyno, at least one wideband sensor, and depending on the combination some time on the street to identify areas that may not be possible to address on the chassis dyno.

What is the HP Tuners remote tuning process?

The remote tuning process requires that the end user have either HP Tuners standard or professional with the required number of available credits for your vehicle. The end user will utilize this hardware/software setup to read their existing tune (stock in most cases), acquire requested data logs (if necessary), and flash the newly provide calibration file.

Why EFI Tuning LLC?

EFI Tuning LLC's methodology to tuning is to utilize as much data as possible when making calibration changes. The data aids in optimizing the calibration for performance/behavior but more importantly ensures that the tune itself it not incorrect for the specific vehicle configuration. With the data logging capability of HP Tuners it is possible to properly adapt this methodology to the remote tuning process. In addition to the data from HP Tuners, EFI Tuning LLC also utilizes additional tools such as Matlab to accomplish tasks that are simply not possible to do with simple spreadsheets. The quality of a tune is directly a function of the data and tools utilized to modify the tune.